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Did D.B. Cooper really exist?

June 4, 2011

On  November 24, 1971, a man using the alias of Dan Cooper hi-jacked a Boeing 727 aircraft and told a stewardess that he had a bomb. Unless his demands were met, he would destroy the airplane onboard with his weapon. Cooper was able to steal $200,000 and parachute to an uncertain fate somewhere over the night sky below.

We’ve been told he has gotten away…

But what if he never existed?

This wouldn’t be something uncommon.  The movie “Armored” features the crew of an armored vehicle who attempt to scam the company by claiming they were “jacked” or “robbed” by suspects who got away. In this scheme, they attempt to steal over 40 million dollars! Unfortunately for the men of these trucks, the robbery goes wrong and most of them end up dead.

How uncommon would it be for D.B. Cooper to just be one of these robbery scams?

To start, nobody ever saw the suspect except for the flight attendant who was aboard the plane at the time of Cooper’s alleged escape.  Jets that were in close pursuit of the plane reported never seeing anyone jump from the aft-stairwell of the 727.  Surely, if Cooper existed, there would be third party accounts of his presence, yet there are none.

Cooper knew that the aft-stairwell of the 727 would open, something unknown to most people. How exactly had “Cooper” obtained this knowledge? Is it possible he was just a figment of the flight-crew’s little plot?

We’re told that Cooper jumped, with a parachute of course, from the back of the plane which was coasting approximately 10,000 feet over the earth. This isn’t all… It was raining and the sky was plagued by a heavy dark cloud cover. Some reports even suggest that the winds were 200 miles per hour!  What would POSSIBLY motivate “Cooper” to jump from this plane? Would $200, 000 dollars truly be enough to do such a thing?

The body of the so-called “Dan Cooper” was never actually located. A few thousand dollars in a creek and a cheesy sketch from a scared flight-attendant is all the evidence we have that the man was ever living in the first place.

When the crew of the plane was taken off board and told they had been the victims of a hi-jacking, the Federal Bureau of Investigation held a debriefing with them. Not a single one could remember anything about a man with an Attache case and dark clothing. To be frank, nobody ever saw D.B. Cooper except for the people involved in the hoax.

In fact, Dan Cooper’s clothing and style are something the crew got out of a Hollywood Movie. A man wearing dark clothing and dark sunglasses with a dark case that he claims is a bomb walking onto a plane and trying to extort $200,000 dollars.

When the flight attendant onboard saw Dan Cooper’s bomb, she claimed, “It was 6 sticks of dynamite wrapped around a battery.”

 The funny part is, this dynamite bomb is a fake, yet it is exactly what the flight crew explained!

We can find a similar bomb to this is just about every movie ever made!

FBI sharpshooters were positioned alongside the runway when Cooper’s plane landed, yet they never saw a single thing. It is likely that if there was truly a man onboard, they would have seen him and shot him.

Cooper demanded that the shades be pulled down upon landing, but why?

If the FBI sharpshooters couldn’t see him, there was definitely no reason to draw the shades. Unless the flight crew wanted to bring the blinds down for fear that the FBI might see that nobody was aboard!

Maybe it was celebration, and the crew couldn’t keep from jumping up and down at their new fortune, but there is still a mysterious connotation behind bringing the window’s blinds down.



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